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Thank you, terrorists!

The trip to London began perfectly normally.

Shortly after the boarding was completed, the aircraft was pushed back from the gate, taxied to the runway, and took off. Soon, the seatbelt lights were switched off, and a male voice sounded: “Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain. Welcome on board this Estonian Air flight from Tallinn to London. We have reached our cruising altitude of 10600 meters. Our ground speed 800 kilometers an hour and the outside temperature minus 48 degrees centigrade. We expect to arrive at London Gatwick airport in two hours and five minutes — that’s twenty minutes ahead of time.”

Everything was still normal. A female voice said over the airliner’s PA: “Ladies and gentlemen, in about 30 minutes we will start offering food and beverages. Passengers in Premium and Flexible Travel classes will be served warm lunch with complimentary drinks. Passengers in Travel class will be served a sandwich with complimentary coffee, tea, and soft drinks.”

Wait a moment! Estonian only sells food and drinks to the Travel class passengers. They must’ve got it wrong. Or so I thought. But, alas, they did offer complimentary sandwiches and drinks. I asked the stewardess whether this was some new European regulation or Estonian’s own idea. The smiling lady said it was Estonian’s response to the British airport authorities’ new cool idea of allowing no hand baggage.

Now I am one of the select few thousand ordinary people who have actually benefitted from the attempted terror attacks. 😉

Douze points, Estonian Air!